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We love what we do.

Established in 1995, Circle Design is a communications agency dedicated to listening. We believe that our most important tools are our ears and we use ours to hear what our clients need. Design is a strategic process which includes many facets, and the most important one is the collaboration between client and designer.

With over two decades of experience helping companies and non-profit organizations establish and maintain their brand, Circle Design has a proven track record of fulfilling the needs of its clients. The agency offers accessibility and ensures that we are available to meet your deadlines in an efficient manner. Our commitment to our clients and to ourselves is our meter for paying attention to the things that matter.

We pride ourselves on maintaining long relationships with all of our clients. Our very first Circle client—the Sacramento Convention Center—remains one of our favorite champions.

We are often asked why circle? Why not square or triangle? We are surrounded by circles. We live on a circular planet in a constantly rotating environment. Circles are timeless, endless, and limitless. There is no beginning and there is no end. What goes around definitely and definitively comes around. We must always be accountable for our actions for they will indeed return to us one day.

We look forward to expanding our circle.

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